6 Ways To Make The Most of Your Solar Energy System


If you’ve installed solar panels in your home as a tactic to save on your monthly electric bill, you’ll also want to ensure you’re making the most of your newly installed solar energy system. There are many ways for you to maximise your energy consumption and make the most of the new system, of which include:

Trim Down Any Large Trees

Once you’ve had your solar energy system installed, be sure to spend some time in your garden assessing which trees could potentially be obstructing the sunlight from your panels. If there are any, it’s recommended you cut these down to a point where they no longer cause an obstruction. As you want to take full advantage of your solar power system, clearing the line of sight is a good place to start.

Spend Some Time Relooking At The Manuals For Your Electrical Appliances

If you haven’t done this before, now would be a good time to relook at the manuals of all your electronic appliances. To maximise your solar energy for when the sun goes down, you’ll want to have your appliances running during the day. You can set most dishwashers and washing machines on timers. The same goes for your air conditioning units. By turning them on to run on a timer, you’ll come home to the perfect temperature.

Change Your Lighting In Your Home

Whether it’s lamps or your down lights, switch your globes over to LED globes as they use less electricity than normal globes. Going further than this is to ensure you’re not leaving lights on in rooms you aren’t occupying. This is a good habit to get into to ensure you aren’t wasting electricity.

Install A Heat Pump To Heat Your Home’s Water

The heat pump has the ability to work hand in hand with your electricity and the solar energy system. When the water is not warm enough from the solar energy, you can turn the heat pump on for 30 minutes to heat your water and turn it off again. Most of the newer heat pump control panels have the ability to set them to a timer. This will ensure you have warm water throughout the day.

Switch Off Plugs and Appliances In Standby Mode

If you know you aren’t going to be making use of a room in your house for a while, ensure you turn off the plugs and remove your appliances plug from the wall socket. This ensures there isn’t any wastage when it comes to your power supply. When you keep your appliances in standby mode, they’re still using a small amount of electricity.

Maintenance Is Key

The most important part to ensure you get the most out of your solar energy system is to conduct regular maintenance checks. By keeping your solar panels clean, not only do you ensure their ability to run at their optimal level but you also increase the longevity of them.

By incorporating these six ways into your daily and weekly routines, you’ll maximise the output from your solar system. If you’re considering the installation of the solar panels, be sure to contact the team at Nupower. With over a decade worth of experience in the industry, they can answer and question and clear any confusion you might have regarding the solar energy systems.


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