Benefits Of Using NuPower For Your Solar Geyser Installation

There are loads of solar geyser installation contractors in South Africa but not all are created equal. Before you invest in solar solutions for your home, make sure you use a reliable and trustworthy company with adequate experience in order to avoid less than favourable results.

NuPower is a solar solution company that specialises in solar water heating systems for the industrial and domestic market. Being a leader in the industry, it will be highly beneficial to choose them as your solar geyser installation contractor and here’s why:

  1. Cost Effective

NuPower offers high-quality products at competitive prices.


  1. Peace of mind

With 10 years experience in the industry and over 12400 units installed, you can sit back and relax while you let the professionals handle your solar geyser installation.

  1. Eskom IDM programme Partners

NuPower is in partnership with Eskom’s IDM programme designed to supply electricity short-term by organising and connecting several initiatives intended for optimising energy use while balancing energy supply and demand.

  1. Quality Products

All NuPower products have been SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) tested and approved. Most of their products also come with a 10-year warranty.

  1. 24 Hour Support Line

NuPower is one of the few solar power companies in South Africa with a 24/7 support line. So in case something goes wrong, you will have access to help any time of day or night.

Don’t waste time and money with fly-by-nights or amateur solar geyser installation contractors when you can hire NuPower to do the job. With their expertise, high-quality products and passion for protecting the environment, you can be sure the job will be done right the first time.

If you need more information, you can visit their website. Alternatively, get in touch with one of their knowledgeable consultants for an obligation free quote today.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Solar Power

With the tough economic times the country is currently facing, the prospect of installing solar power at your business has never been more inviting. Moving your business into greener operations is just one of the benefits to completing the solar installation. Here are some of the other benefits to making the investment.

Save Money On Your Monthly Power Bill

Depending on the type of installation you go with, you can either move your business off the grid completely or partially. Either way you go, you’ll notice an instant difference in your monthly electricity bill. As this can be considered as being one of the bigger expenses for any business, by making the change to how your business gets its power, it’ll prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Store Additional Energy For The Colder Months

If you’ve got the space and funds available, you’ve got the option of storing any additional energy you generate in power banks. This can be of great benefit when the weather is cooler or the winter months approach. By doing this, you’ll be able to turn your municipal power supply off and only make use of the power you’ve generated and saved.

Making Extra Money For The Business

This can only be done with pre approval by the City of Cape Town. Once you’ve received the go ahead, you can begin generating your own solar power. Once your power banks have filled up, any additional power generated can be pushed back into the municipal power supply. This can result in you adding to the electrical grid and a rebate being issued to you.

Give Your Business the Green Stamp

With the current levels of pollution, the ozone layer is taking strain and is increasing the effects of global warming. By moving your business onto the solar power, its one step closer to make your business green. This sets an example for other businesses in the area and you can only hope they’ll follow suite.

Put Your Business Ahead of the Competition

With many consumers becoming conscious of how their actions can affect the environment, there is a great need for them to engage in businesses who are also doing their part to protect the environment. By moving your business over to solar power, once you begin to promote this, it might bring in a new stream of customers.

These are five ways in which your business can benefit from the installation of solar power. If you’re in the market, be sure  to contact the team at Nupower. With over 12 000 solar power systems installed and 10 years of experience, they’ll be sure to assist you in finding the best power solar solution for your business.

4 Benefits of Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar water heating systems can be described as a system which changes sunlight into heat which is then converted and used for water heating. This is done through the use of solar panels which are fitted to your roof. Depending on the size of your home, you can have more than one solar panel installed. There are a number of ways in which you and your family can benefit from the installation of which include:

The Ability To Have Warm Water Throughout The Year

With the installation of the water heating system, it allows you and your family to have warm water throughout the year. This is due to to the water system still making use of electricity. By installing the system, you geyser water heats up during predetermined times and only then.

A Hassle Free Installation Process

Besides for the installation of the panels on the roof, the control panel doesn’t require a lot of space to be set up. This is beneficial for families who are low on storage space. The last thing you want is to have a bulky piece of equipment installed.  If you’re hiring the right people, the installation should be complete within a matter of hours.

Move Your Family One Step Closer To Living Off The Grid

The solar water heating system is one way you can move your family closer to living off the grid. Once the initial set up is complete, you can investigate how additional solar panels would be added to begin powering your home with solar power and not just your water. These two systems can be used in conjunction with one another to rely even less on the national power supply.

Get Reimbursed For Your Solar Water Heating System

By submitting your installation documentation to the City of Cape Town, you can apply for a reimbursement for a percentage of the installation costs. The City is doing this as a way in which they can encourage consumers to do their bit to preserve electricity and reduce the amount of strain on the national power supply.

There are many more benefits to installing solar water heating systems in your home. If you’re considering installing the solar water heating system in your home, contact the team at Nupower. The team is on standby to answer any questions you may have or any advice your require. With over a decades worth of experience, you’ll be sure to get the answers you need to assist you in making an informed decision on your purchase.

6 Ways To Make The Most of Your Solar Energy System

If you’ve installed solar panels in your home as a tactic to save on your monthly electric bill, you’ll also want to ensure you’re making the most of your newly installed solar energy system. There are many ways for you to maximise your energy consumption and make the most of the new system, of which include:

Trim Down Any Large Trees

Once you’ve had your solar energy system installed, be sure to spend some time in your garden assessing which trees could potentially be obstructing the sunlight from your panels. If there are any, it’s recommended you cut these down to a point where they no longer cause an obstruction. As you want to take full advantage of your solar power system, clearing the line of sight is a good place to start.

Spend Some Time Relooking At The Manuals For Your Electrical Appliances

If you haven’t done this before, now would be a good time to relook at the manuals of all your electronic appliances. To maximise your solar energy for when the sun goes down, you’ll want to have your appliances running during the day. You can set most dishwashers and washing machines on timers. The same goes for your air conditioning units. By turning them on to run on a timer, you’ll come home to the perfect temperature.

Change Your Lighting In Your Home

Whether it’s lamps or your down lights, switch your globes over to LED globes as they use less electricity than normal globes. Going further than this is to ensure you’re not leaving lights on in rooms you aren’t occupying. This is a good habit to get into to ensure you aren’t wasting electricity.

Install A Heat Pump To Heat Your Home’s Water

The heat pump has the ability to work hand in hand with your electricity and the solar energy system. When the water is not warm enough from the solar energy, you can turn the heat pump on for 30 minutes to heat your water and turn it off again. Most of the newer heat pump control panels have the ability to set them to a timer. This will ensure you have warm water throughout the day.

Switch Off Plugs and Appliances In Standby Mode

If you know you aren’t going to be making use of a room in your house for a while, ensure you turn off the plugs and remove your appliances plug from the wall socket. This ensures there isn’t any wastage when it comes to your power supply. When you keep your appliances in standby mode, they’re still using a small amount of electricity.

Maintenance Is Key

The most important part to ensure you get the most out of your solar energy system is to conduct regular maintenance checks. By keeping your solar panels clean, not only do you ensure their ability to run at their optimal level but you also increase the longevity of them.

By incorporating these six ways into your daily and weekly routines, you’ll maximise the output from your solar system. If you’re considering the installation of the solar panels, be sure to contact the team at Nupower. With over a decade worth of experience in the industry, they can answer and question and clear any confusion you might have regarding the solar energy systems.


Understanding The Costs of Installing Solar Power In Your Home

With the rise in the cost of living, consumers and businesses throughout the country are trying to do their bit to reduce their costs where possible. One of the ways in which this is done is through the installation of solar power systems. Not only can the solar power be used to power up your home or business but it can be used to heat up your water.

Before you can go ahead with an installation, it’s crucial to do some planning and research to gain a full understanding as to the costs involved in having the system installed.

Get A Professional Company To Complete An Assessment Of Your Home

To ensure your home or businesses ability to run solar power, it’s recommended you get a professional company into complete an assessment. By running the assessment you’ll see what you can do within your home or business and if they can handle the solar installation.

As part of the assessment, you can request an energy consultation. By running this, you’ll be able to pinpoint why electricity is being used and where it’s being used. Once this part of the assessment has been completed, you’ll receive recommendations on how you can become more energy efficient.

Explore The Different Solar Options

With there being many solar options available on the market, it’s crucial to explore them all than to go with the first one that comes up. This assists in working out how much money you’ll be spending on the set up. Some solar options you can explore include:

  • Vacuum Tube Systems
  • Flat plate systems
  • Bulk water heating systems
  • Off grid PV systems
  • Grid tied PV systems
  • Back-up power systems

While exploring the various solar power options, be sure to request a costing on each set up. This will assist you when making your decision as to what route you should be going or what part of the installation can be completed in a phased approach. This would be more applicable to installations which are being complete to get you off the national power grid which include power banks and battery stations.

Contact The Team at Nupower Today

If you’re ready to have a solar energy system installed in your home or business, contact the team at Nupower today. With almost 12 500 different systems installed, their knowledge expands over a wide variety of elements. They’ll assist you with any questions you might have regarding the installation process or costs involved.


What are the future aspects of solar energy?

The trend in the use of solar power energy has been at the top of the sustainable energy scene as it continues to spread across the developing landscape of solar power in South Africa and across the world. Solar energy is used for providing a sustainable, renewable, and environmentally-friendly energy source of energy for different applications, residential and commercial.

It’s no wonder that the numbers of households who use solar energy continue to increase, but the question is –what next? In this article, let’s tackle several things to expect related to the use of solar energy in the future.

Solar energy today

For some time, the use of the innovative and emission-free solar energy has grown and it is now common to see houses with solar panels installed on rooftops or even the establishment of larger solar farms. As the technology continues to advance, the solar panel has become widely available on the market to clean energy enthusiasts, with a continued reduction in solar panel costs making investment in solar panels affordable. The use of this innovative energy source can reduce a household’s electricity bill and can provide hot water even during the winter season thanks to solar water heating systems and a very sunny country!

According to statistics, the solar energy industry became a major player in the US economy with the rapid growth of solar unit installations during the last few decades, which is pretty much on par with the movement towards renewable energy in South Africa. Since 2010 – 2015, solar energy businesses have contributed to a doubled employment rate. Additionally, in the last 10 years, the prices have dropped over 60% primarily because of the growth of competition in the solar industry, as well as the continuous development of new solar technology.

What’s next for Solar Energy?

The aforementioned statistical data can predict the future of the solar energy, and the rise in its use, making this the ideal solution for a safer environment through renewable energy. New technological breakthroughs are being introduced every day, and it can be expected that these breakthroughs will continue, making solar energy more efficient, simpler to produce, the components will cost less in the face of material improvements, proper usage, and techniques of light concentration, as product optimization continues to emerge and innovate.

Ready to climb on the solar energy bandwagon?

When it comes to solar energy, two principles, innovation and economization, are important. As the installation of solar panels became cheaper for both businesses like solar heat pumps in Pretoria, and residential properties, more and more people are noticing the beneficial effects on the environment and the long-term potential of solar energy usage. This could be a good news for both contractors establishing solar farms, as well as for homeowners, all of which will play an important role in decreasing the use of non-renewable energy sources and fossil fuels for a sustainable future.

With all the facts and data on hand these days, the number of people who have invested in solar energy continues to increase, mainly because of its beneficial impact on reducing our dependence on expensive electricity, with products produced by NuPower Solar and Victron Solar Products to fit energy requirements on all levels; from quality to affordability.

If you’re planning to install solar panels on your property, always make sure that you reach out to the professionals at NuPower Solar who have a wealth of knowledge, experience, resources and tools to share with you in order to make renewable energy work for you.





NuPower is way ahead with Solar Water Heating Systems in South Africa.

There is a widespread in the usage as well as the application of solar water heating systems in both industrial and domestic sectors. In fact, according to a data from an international governing body, there are about 70 million homes around the world that rely on solar water heating systems, and, taking into account all recent advances in solar water heating technology, NuPower Solar has become the top team in solar water heating systems and solar geysers in South Africa.

NuPower Solar Water Heating systems are ideal for any family or company wanting to cut down on electricity bills in an environmentally friendly way, systems that require minimal operation and maintenance but still last for many years after installation.

Let’s get down to brass tacks first about what solar water heating systems are, how they work and what the financial benefits are:

What is a Solar Water Heating system?

In very basic terms, according to Wikipedia, ‘solar water heating (SWH) is the conversion of sunlight into heat for water heating using a solar thermal collector’.  These solar water heating systems and solar geysers are used in residential, commercial and industrial applications and are available in a variety of configurations.

This is where it gets a little tricky if you don’t know much about the technicalities involved in solar product, which means that you are going to need experts like the team at NuPower to guide you to the right solution to fit not only your energy requirements, but to suit your budget.

NuPower Solar Water Heating Systems offer massive saving for all.

There isn’t even a debate about it anymore; your hot water cylinder gobbles up more electricity than any other electrical appliance in your home or business does, which means it is one of the first things you need to do to completely cut the costs attached to heating water via electricity is to invest in a solar water heating system!

The savings on your electricity bill will be visible right from day one of your installation, making it one of the wisest investments you can make for great financial gains and moving towards a sustainable future.

Why is it important to have an expert design a tailored solar energy solution guide you?

The massive growth of solar power and solar water heating technologies in South Africa has grown tremendously over the past 10 years alone, starting with just a little more than 20 suppliers back in the late 90’s to well over 600 today, proof alone that investing in solar energy is becoming cheaper and cheaper, and that it is now within the reach of even underprivileged areas.

If you are not technical and don’t understand any more about solar technology other than that it is energy generated by harnessing the natural energy of the sun, you are going to need a team you can rely on to assess your energy requirements meticulously and then to design a solar water heating system that will serve your purposes perfectly.

Mistakes are very costly, and very easy to make if you try to go it alone – unless of course you have the technical know-how – and this is what the NuPower team is able to offer in bucket loads.  You will need their passion for what they do, the high quality of their products and the many years’ worth of experience they bring to the table, to make your installation work exactly as it should, and offer the savings you expect!

As a nationwide supplier of high quality solar products such as solar geysers, products used in solar water heating systems, PV systems and back-up solutions, NuPower will take you from consultation to drawing board and finally to installation of your renewable energy solution, and, if you know your stuff, the quality of NuPower Solar Products will make this the only team you call on when you demand the best for DIY solar projects as well!

How to turn your home into a Green zone!

Would you like to save a small fortune on your water heating costs and at the same time join the rapidly growing movement towards helping to stabilise the damage we have done to our environment?

If your answer is yes, here are a few routes to take towards turning your home into a green zone:

Solar Water Heating Systems;

This is the place to start for the highest return on investment, and there is no doubt that a traditional geyser uses more electricity than anything else! This is where solar geysers have come into their own. With ten year guarantees on most solar products from NuPower and a lifespan of over 20 years for the solar panels, surely it’s worth looking into with a team of experts?

NuPower Solar is able to retrofit your traditional geyser with a solar geyser, or geysers, the size of which is determined by the ratio of hot water generated by electricity on your property, residential, commercial or industrial. From here it goes to design, which is tailored by the team at NuPower Solar to deliver fully on your water heating requirements.

Internal heating systems:

While gas heaters will definitely save you money on heating, the production of gas still impacts the environment negatively, which makes infrared heaters the best option in terms of saving and looking after our environment while you warm up – once you have added an infrared heater into the mix with your solar water heating system, you will really feel a lightening of the heavy financial load the high cost of Eskom electricity has on your pocket!  Infrared heaters work as safely as anything that harnesses natural energy, except that they produce gentle heat that is generated by safe infrared waves.

Naturally, as our commitment to the safety of our environment and a sustainable future grows, so does the range of solar products available in South Africa, including the shape, size and form of heating.

Electricity takes a back seat to solar energy;

We live in a country that gives us an overload of sunshine, which begs the question: how close are you to grabbing your share of free sunshine hours, either to bring down your electricity bill or to move completely off-grid?

The cost of solar panels keep getting lower as technology advances and electricity becomes a luxury service! To make the change well worthwhile, NuPower Solar keeps an ear to the ground in order to pass on the best in solar products and technology to clients, and to make solar energy a truly affordable option as opposed to skyrocketing electricity tariffs!

NuPower Solar will tackle a retrofit or installation of solar panels and solar water heating systems with the same commitment to professionalism that has made NuPower the go-to team for solar solutions in South Africa, on large or small scale projects.

There are many other ways in which you can turn your home or office into a green zone from top to bottom, including thinking about the type of flooring to install, installing a solar geyser or heat pump and moving towards using gas stoves, among others.

We face unprecedented challenges brought about by a severely overtaxed environment, and, if you’re ready to play an important role in moving towards renewable energy solutions and sustainable practices in our daily lives for a safer future, let the team at NuPower Solar help you to design the right solar energy solution to turn your home or business into a beautifully green zone!

Good reasons to switch to Green Alternative Energy

As growing world challenges like climate change continue to impact our environment and our lives, we need to start taking an action. The use of non-renewable energy like fossil fuels, one of the primary contributing factors that influence the development of these issues, such as the carbon dioxide released from burning fossil fuels, affects our planet’s climate, leading to an even greater threat to global warming and a sustainable future; so what can we do?

The simple answer is switching to green alternatives and renewable energy. In this article, let’s narrow down the reasons why choosing renewable energy becoming a necessity.

Renewable energy is an ideal choice for everyone.

The use of renewable energy such as solar power has been a growing trend in the green energy scene. For example, the use of solar water heating in South Africa, provides hot water needs for home and businesses without an increase in electricity bills, especially during the winter months. So, whether you’re a spotty user or a steady user of energy and electricity, investing in this eco-friendly solution will work just fine for you.

Renewable energy has been around a long time, giving us results today that generate free electricity for many different applications. Having a thorough understanding of the benefits attached to switching to a green alternative energy source means that you need the input of experts in renewable energy and solar water heating systems to assist you in moving towards a greener lifestyle.

Renewable green energy providers are helpful.

The installation of PV systems South Africa or solar panels is often perceived by novices as an eyesore, inconvenient, and expensive, however, it is simply a lack of knowledge that can lead to this misconception. The good thing is that a company as professional and experienced as NuPower will be more than happy to share their accumulated knowledge with you to change these misconceptions.

Renewable green energy is the choice for a healthier planet.

The energy generated from sunlight truly can power every home on earth. With the use of solar panels and heat pumps in South Africa, homes and businesses are able to capture and convert sunlight into a renewable and emission-free energy source. Another alternative is wind energy, which could also be used for other applications through electricity generated from wind power. Both of these innovative renewable energy sources can eliminate our dependence on traditional energy, as well as on fossil fuels.

Renewable green energy offers more employment.

Most investments in renewable energy are commonly spent on workmanship and materials to build and maintain the facilities, rather than importing costly energy sources. This could mean the financial energy income stays in South Africa, offering unemployed people jobs and fueling the local economy as well.

Renewable green energy is cheaper

Simply by installing a NuPower Solar Water Heating System, you will already be making a major investment into free water heating that will give you jaw-dropping electricity savings, but, you will need a team like this that you can trust to give you the best advice regarding the right green energy for your application

As of today, hydro, wind, and solar are the three main sources of renewable and emissions-free energy sources, which have a much lower environmental impact compared to conventional energy technologies that cause major damage to our environment. Start investing in this energy source given to us freely by Mother Nature to head for a cleaner, greener way of living.





how is solar power generated

How Is Solar Power Generated?

Solar power is created whenever direct sunlight hits solar panels, which then transforms solar energy into usable electricity. In short – solar panels turns sunlight into energy.

The first step in creating electricity from sunlight is to install solar panels. Solar panels are made from polycrystalline or monocrystalline silicon, shielded in a metal frame, covered in glass. Whenever the sun hits the thin layer of silicon on the solar panel, it knocks electrons off the atoms. Since electrons are negatively charged, this process creates an electric current that’s captured by the wires in the solar panel. These flowing electrons are then the basis of the electricity that’s generated from the panels.

The more direct sunlight, the more electrons will be knocked off the atoms the more electricity will be produced. This is why it’s important to consider elements like cloud coverage and shade before installing your solar panel system.

High-quality solar panels will produce higher rates of electricity even though they might cost a little more up front. In the long run, however, you’ll save more money since they will work more efficiently.

What are inverters?

To turn energy from your solar panels into usable electricity, you need the help of inverters. The electricity created by loose silicon electrons is DC (direct current) and requires conversion to AC (alternating current) before it can be used. This conversion is handled by inverters which can be set up as power optimizers, string inverters and microinverters. Every one of these configurations performs the same task – converting DC into AC electricity. Once the conversion takes place, it can run through your electric panel and be distributed throughout your home.

For individuals considering the benefits of using solar energy instead of fossil fuels, it’s important to examine all your options before committing to a solar power provider. Speak to the experts at Nupower today for an obligation free quote.

Does solar work when its cloudy?

Do Solar Panels Work When It’s Rainy Or Overcast?

Solar panels produce the most electricity on days with clear skies and plentiful sunshine. But all is not lost on cloudy days – typical solar panels can generate anything between 10-25% of their estimated capacity. The amount will vary depending on the type of solar panel as well as the cloud coverage. Modern PV systems actually function better in cooler temperatures.

UV light also reaches the earth’s surface even when it’s cloudy. Have you ever gotten a sunburn when it was overcast? Then you have firsthand experience of this. Even during the grayest days, visible light still gets through clouds and rain. Whether it’s cloudy or foggy outside, even the most standard solar panel will produce some power during daylight.

What if you live in a place where it’s mostly overcast?

If you’re thinking about investing in solar panels to help you save money on your electricity bill, you need to examine how much sunshine you receive annually and not on a specific day. In South Africa, however, we have an abundance of sunshine and while the winters in the Western Cape might get a little dreary, the amount of daylight is still enough to make solar power a legitimate option.

Another option is to invest in solar batteries. They can help you save money by storing free energy to use on cloudy or rainy days.

Even in places like Germany where it can be grey throughout most of the year, they have successfully installed approximately 25 gigawatts of solar power. This accounts for 50% of their electricity needs. The UK is not far behind and has experienced enormous success with its solar initiatives.

Overcast days will come and go, but on average, it won’t affect the ROI of solar panels. If you would like to find out more about saving on electricity bills even when it’s cloudy or rainy out, speak to the team at Nupower today.

Can solar save you money

Can Switching To Solar Panels Really Save You Money?

It’s easy to be sceptical of new products when so many investment opportunities claim that it will save you tons of money. While solar panels are still a relatively new concept, the short answer is yes, you will save money by reducing your electricity costs. That said, there are some factors to consider such as daily sunlight hours, angle and size of the roof as well as the electricity rates in your area.

The first step to take is to calculate your current electricity costs on an annual basis. In recent years we’ve seen a rapid increase in electricity prices in South Africa, and if that’s any indication of what’s still to come in the next few years, we can expect more volatile increases. Utility rate increases are an added incentive for solar users since solar energy prices won’t ever go up.

You are taking control of your energy source when you generate your own with a rooftop PV System. The only costs involved in installing solar panels is the upfront investment expenses and any other electricity charges should your panels not completely subsidise your electricity use. This will primarily depend on the size of your PV system in relation to your roof. That’s why it’s important to employ the help of professionals like NuPower for the installation of your solar panels.

While the financial aspect is one of the biggest incentives for investing in solar panels, money isn’t the only motivator. You will also be protecting the environment due to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Regardless of whether you’re looking at saving money or becoming more eco-friendly, a solar panel system will generate significant savings for homeowners as well as business owners. Speak to a representative at NuPower about how you too can become more self-sufficient today.


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