NuPower Solar offers a first in the South African solar industry with a 24 hour contact number.

NuPower Solar is proud to offer the very latest in Solar Water Heating Systems, European quality Off-Grid and Grid-Tied PV Systems and back-up systems in South Africa.  The NuPower back-up system uses normal electricity to charge a battery bank in order to provide uninterrupted power for devices connected to it. When power fails the back-up system automatically kicks in, and returns to normal once power is restored.

Our NuPower back-up system is PV compatible, and because solar panels can be added at a later stage to recharge batteries you are already investing in a solution that can become a complete off-grid system with no more reliance on high electricity tariffs from Eskom!

NuPower Solar Off-Grid PV Systems are used in areas that have no access to the grid at all and differ in size from a few hundred watts to several hundreds of kilowatts, offering superior efficiency and an exceptionally long life expectancy.  With an Off-Grid PV System from NuPower Solar you will be producing you own solar energy, with the ability to store electricity in a battery bank for use when it is needed.

If you are looking to reduce your reliance on Eskom and high electricity bills significantly then NuPower Solar Grid-Tied PV Systems are the perfect solution. A Grid-Tied PV system is a solar photovoltaic (PV) system that is connected to your electrical service provider, such as Eskom, and you are only charged for the amount of electricity used because of the surplus that is supplied to the grid, which qualifies you for rebates from Eskom to save even more on power costs.

The NuPower Grid-Tied PV systems are perfect for use in commercial, industrial and residential properties, aimed at applications that use the highest energy during sunshine hours.

NuPower Solar is proud of our reputation for service excellence in delivering the highest standard in European solar solutions to South Africa, as well as being the only solar company in South Africa that offers a 24 hour contact number so that you are never left in the dark.  Please contact our team of experts and a NuPower Solar representative will provide you with an on-site consultation to discuss the best energy solutions for you.

NuPower Solar offers unbeatable high efficiency quality solar collectors and geysers.

NuPower Solar is committed to offering a full range of solar geysers that are SABS tested and approved as the fundamental core of our success in the industry, as many satisfied clients will testify.  Added to this, our innovative geysers all come with a 5 to 10 year warranty, and our after-sales service is exceptional.

The team at NuPower install high efficiency solar collectors that absorb 93% of the sun’s energy, using only 2mm thick glass tubes. Our solar collectors are able to withstand hail stones of up to 38mm and have an expected lifespan of more than 20 years, and with a 10 year warranty they are considered to be the best in the solar industry.  Whether you live inland or on the coast, the aluminium powder coated manifold and stand are suitable for all climates, as well as having the most effective heat transfer technology.

With the icy conditions that prevail during our winter months, our innovative NuPower solar collectors are designed to be freeze resistant, which means that you can rely on our solar collectors to maintain their effectiveness through all seasons.

Once our team has received your information on initial contact, we will arrange a site inspection that will take place at a time convenient to you and analyse your needs as well as offering expert advice on the options that will suit your requirements.  Our sales executive will not only explain how the system will work, but will also supply you with an accurate quotation on site in order to provide you with all the information you need with which to make your final decision.

On acceptance of our quotation to install one of our solar heating systems, we will plan the installation date with you, and before you sign off after the successful installation, our Nupower sales executive will offer you confidence with the knowledge on how your system work with a recap on everything to do with your system.

Our commitment at NuPower Solar is to make the transition to solar heating systems as uncomplicated as possible and we invite you to contact our team for expert advice and to view our website to go through the various systems we have on offer.

Lower your electricity expenses and install a solar geyser system from the experts at NuPower Solar.

The importance of solar energy goes right back to prehistoric times when prehistoric man used the energy emitted by the sun as a fundamental part of their survival.  The sun warmed their dwellings and was essential to curing their food and other crucial elements of daily life.  There were many of these cultures that actually worshiped the sun and held a reverence for its power.

In the 21st century the reliance on fossil fuels has reached the point of exacting a steep price in terms of damaging our environment, especially with the ever-increasing global demand for energy, all of which has led to a revolution in solar energy and moving towards living ‘off the grid’.

The team at Nupower offer a level of expertise and professionalism that is highly recommended and endorsed by many satisfied clients who have chosen us to provide them with the best solar energy solution to suit their requirements for commercial premises as well as homeowners.

Nupower is capable of offering systems suitable for all needs, whether you require a system for commercial, domestic or industrial purposes and our philosophy is that no project is too big or small for our team to supply and install.  We offer a ten year guarantee on our solar geysers and collectors, which is the best in the industry, and use only products that are SABS tested and approved.

There is no doubt that investing in a NuPower Solar Water Heating System will add value to your commercial or residential property and high electricity bills will become a thing of the past.

Please visit our website to view the various systems we offer and contact our team of sales executives who will respond quickly and professionally to all your enquiries. Our response time to enquiries is exceptional and the commitment of the team at NuPower Solar to install only the highest standard of solar powered geysers is the basis on which we have built our reputation for service excellence.

Install innovative solar hot water heating systems and solutions from the professionals.

NuPower Solar is a pioneer in the solar industry and is at the forefront of technology, offering the most comprehensive range of products available.  Backed up by the highest standard of solar engineering and expertise, our experience has been proven in the field by the reputation we have earned through high customer satisfaction levels.

We rely on a system of using only accredited installers for all installations and maintenance, as well as offering superb after-sales service.  NuPower Solar is a national company, able to provide solar installations throughout South Africa and we provide customised solutions for any application required.

With our cutting edge, innovative approach to solar energy, we continue to invest to a huge extent in research and development in order to keep ahead of the competition in our industry. Because solar energy is a renewable source that is particularly available in our sunny South African climate, NuPower’s Solar Hot Water Systems are able to use the sun to heat water extremely efficiently throughout the year, with a typical domestic solar hot water system able to provide all the hot water needs of the family comfortably.

Up to 60% of your electricity bill is attributed to water heating and your savings will be substantial once you have installed a NuPower Solar Hot Water Heating System and besides the immense cut in your electricity you will be contributing towards a healthier environment.

If the rising cost of electricity is a concern to you, and you have thought about contributing towards a greener South Africa by reducing your carbon footprint, please contact our NuPower team, together we can make a difference not only to your budget, but also join in partnership towards global energy savings.

Choose only the best power back-up solutions and solar geysers in South Africa.

If you are looking at lowering your reliance on Eskom and the cost of electricity that is constantly escalating, NuPower Solar will install the perfect back-up solutions and solar geysers available in the industry.

We are consistently investing in the research and development of the most comprehensive range of products to assist with reducing exorbitant electricity costs and encouraging the move to a greener, healthier South Africa while reducing the carbon footprint that the ever increasing demand for power places on the natural resources of the earth.

With our solar engineering expertise gained over years of experience, we are able to provide customised solutions for many applications, in the commercial, residential and industrial sectors, always staying at the forefront of the fast pace of technological development in solar energy.

Our Evaculated Tube Split Systems are our flagship product, and as a direct pump system it is aesthetically pleasing and flexible to install with the geyser in the roof, offering excellent performance.

The NuPower Back-up System that we provide offers silent operation, instantaneous switchover and is maintenance free with no moving parts, offering a truly attractive alternative to a noisy generator that costs a small fortune to run in terms of fuel, as well as the costs of maintenance due to its many moving parts.  Please visit our website to view the various NuPower back-up systems we have on offer.

Using normal electricity to charge a battery bank for the Nu-Power back-up system will provide uninterrupted power to devices connected to it. The back-up system will automatically take over instantaneously when power fails and will return to normal when power is restored. By investing in a NuPower back-up system, you are already investing in a solution that could completely remove the stranglehold that Eskom has on your power supply, as you are able to add solar panels at a later stage with which to charge the batteries of your back-up system.

Contact our team today for expert advice on the perfect solar and back-up solution to suit your requirements.

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