Lower your electricity expenses and install a solar geyser system from the experts at NuPower Solar.


The importance of solar energy goes right back to prehistoric times when prehistoric man used the energy emitted by the sun as a fundamental part of their survival.  The sun warmed their dwellings and was essential to curing their food and other crucial elements of daily life.  There were many of these cultures that actually worshiped the sun and held a reverence for its power.

In the 21st century the reliance on fossil fuels has reached the point of exacting a steep price in terms of damaging our environment, especially with the ever-increasing global demand for energy, all of which has led to a revolution in solar energy and moving towards living ‘off the grid’.

The team at Nupower offer a level of expertise and professionalism that is highly recommended and endorsed by many satisfied clients who have chosen us to provide them with the best solar energy solution to suit their requirements for commercial premises as well as homeowners.

Nupower is capable of offering systems suitable for all needs, whether you require a system for commercial, domestic or industrial purposes and our philosophy is that no project is too big or small for our team to supply and install.  We offer a ten year guarantee on our solar geysers and collectors, which is the best in the industry, and use only products that are SABS tested and approved.

There is no doubt that investing in a NuPower Solar Water Heating System will add value to your commercial or residential property and high electricity bills will become a thing of the past.

Please visit our website to view the various systems we offer and contact our team of sales executives who will respond quickly and professionally to all your enquiries. Our response time to enquiries is exceptional and the commitment of the team at NuPower Solar to install only the highest standard of solar powered geysers is the basis on which we have built our reputation for service excellence.

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NuPower Solar is a company which specialises in Solar Water heating systems for domestic and industrial purposes.

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