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Can a House Run on Solar Power Alone?

By December 6, 2018 No Comments

The question should actually be why wouldn’t you want to convert your home to run entirely off the sun’s rays?

The truth is that switching to solar completely is highly beneficial but there can be potential challenges. See, after the initial investment of setting up your solar system, solar power is free. It’s also extremely efficient and eco-friendly. But, if you decide to go fully off the grid, you’ll have to learn how to navigate around long stretches of poor weather.

If you choose to stay on the traditional electric grid, you can still use it during overcast and rainy days or if you don’t have enough stored power. Most sceptics follow this route at first since they are hesitant to make the leap. But if you choose to go completely off the grid, it will require considerable emotional, mental and financial planning on your behalf. Your solar solutions can be a little complicated and the calculations will need to be precise to avoid a situation where you don’t have enough power to get by.

Solar power isn’t just about solar panels you might have noticed on roofs. In order to completely run off solar energy, you need to install an inverter that will DC power (sunlight captured by solar panels) to AC power which is what’s needed to use our electronic devices. You’ll also need to install battery banks that will enable you to store extra power so your house can still function at night and during bouts of poor weather.

So to answer your question about whether you can go completely “off the grid” using solar power, the answer is undoubtably YES.

Powering your home or business with solar energy alone will require an investment on your part but apart from it being the most reliable source of energy, it will be extremely beneficial to you financially in the long run.

The team at Nupower has all the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully switch your home from traditional electricity to solar power. For more information don’t hesitate to give us a call.