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3 Easy Ways To Determine If Solar Is Right For You

By July 6, 2019 August 6th, 2019 No Comments

We all know a great deal about solar power. For instance, it’s good for the environment and reduces your carbon footprint. And PV Systems use the rays of the sun and turn it into clean FREE energy to use instead of conventional PAID electricity.


But even with knowledge of all the benefits, many domestic consumers are still hesitant of switching their homes to solar. To help clear any misconceptions, Nupower has developed a checklist of three elements to keep in mind when considering making the switch to solar.


Consider the Climate

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to live in the Sahara to benefit from solar energy. In fact, Germany is popular for being grey and cloudy, receives a similar amount of sunlight as Alaska, and are world leaders in solar power installations.


You’d be surprised to know that solar panel output improves when the temperatures are lower. So don’t let living in a cold place without tons of sunlight discourage you from going solar.


Consider Local Electricity Rates

One of the biggest benefits of going solar in South Africa is to protect you from ever-increasing electricity rates. While solar power is a good idea no matter where you live, it’s an even better idea for South Africans. We have to struggle with powercuts at the most inconvenient times and who knows how much we’ll be paying next month, let alone next year.


Consider the Size of Your Roof

The size, age, direction and pitch of your roof are all vital elements to consider when contemplating a solar panel installation. Having a west or south-facing roof is perfect for rooftop solar panels, however, you can still produce a good amount of solar energy on east-facing roofs. If there are any trees or buildings blocking direct sunlight from your roof, it might present a problem.


Still not convinced? Get in touch with the team at Nupower for any questions you might have.