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3 Lies You Still Believe About Solar Power

By September 21, 2020September 28th, 2020No Comments

You might not know this but utility suppliers are trying to keep you in the dark or are giving false information with regards to solar power with regards to viability, cost and life expectancy. It is because they don’t want you to stop spending your money on burning fossil fuels instead of choosing clean solar power. Unfortunately, solar power poses a huge threat to their bottom line. Below are three lies told by utility suppliers to discourage people from switching to solar and it is time you know the truth.

Solar Power is Expensive

While installing solar power systems do require an investment on your part, generating the power will cost you almost nothing afterwards. What they don’t want you to know is that the cost of PV systems and solar geysers have steadily been dropping for many years, making them affordable now more than ever. 

Solar Panels Will Cause Roof Leaks

The last thing you want is for your roof to be damaged by solar panels. Roof leaks are expensive to fix. But, the truth is that solar power installers like Nupower take great care when installing solar panels on your roof. Should some damage happen, your installer will be liable to fix it.

Solar Power Is Not Effective

Utility suppliers love to say that solar power isn’t a match for burning fossil fuels but the opposite is true! Green technology is advancing at a rapid rate and the latest solar panels have become exceptional at converting sunlight into electricity. Solar power will only become more advanced with continuing development and innovation.

Don’t just believe everything anyone says about solar power. Do your research and seek out the truth before you make a decision. For more information on solar power or if you are in the market for a solar geyser installation or PV systems, get in touch with the team at Nupower! Call us today!