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This Is How You Will Know It Is Time to Switch Your Business to Solar

By November 25, 2020December 2nd, 2020No Comments

Every business owner aims for high-profit margins which also means low operating costs. Two of the most unpredictable expenses South African business owners face are petrol and electricity. While we can’t do much about petrol, since vehicles can not drive on water, there are alternatives for electricity. Switching to solar power will reduce, if not completely eradicate, your electricity bill. Below are three reasons why business owners in South Africa are shifting towards solar.

You Are Losing Business Because of Load Shedding

Everywhere you turn, you hear the term load shedding. Endless jokes and memes on social media are doing their rounds. But in all seriousness, load shedding is no joke. Especially to businesses who can’t operate during these power cuts. And not paying your employees at the end of the month because they end up doing nothing for hours on end would be frowned upon. Load shedding is a major issue for business, thus the search for alternative power solutions.

You Want to Save Money Long-Term

Saving money is a vital negotiating factor for business owners. The more you spend on operating costs, the less money will go towards growing your bottom line.

According to this article posted by Fin24, Eskom tariffs increased by 300% in the last decade and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Business owners are feeling the effects of the ever-increasing electricity tariffs. A business should be spending no more than 15% of their operating costs on electricity. A company that might have started in that region ten years ago is spending significantly more than they should on electricity at the moment.

You Care About the Environment

The above-mentioned reasons typically take priority, but this one is worth mentioning. Protecting the environment is important, and if you can switch to an alternative energy source, you’ll do your part in preserving it.

The benefits of solar power are endless! If you’re interested in taking the leap towards solar for your business, speak to the team at Nupower today!