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4 Excellent Reasons To Install A Solar Geyser In Your New Home

By September 25, 2020September 28th, 2020No Comments

The constant increase in electricity prices has caused people to look for alternative energy sources. And since geysers are infamous for being the heaviest on electricity usage, they typically use it as a starting point. EnterĀ solar geysers. Solar geysers use the sun’s rays to generate electricity and ultimately heat your water. Here’s why you should consider a solar geyser for your new home.

Cut Your Electricity Bill in Half

Your geyser uses a lot of electricity and to think you only need it to heat water once or twice a day when you take a shower. By installing a solar geyser, you will shave at least 50% off your monthly electricity bill right away. For a regular household in South Africa, that can be anything from R500 to R1000 savings per month.

You Will Always Have Hot Water

If you live in South Africa you’re familiar with the term “load shedding”. Somehow we’ve ended up with limited supply and what’s worse is the more you use, the more you seem to pay per unit. By installing a solar geyser, you’ll not only have a reliable source of hot water, but you’ll also do your part in taking the pressure off our suppliers.

New Legislation Requires It

It has recently become law in South Africa to install solar geysers on any new builds. At least 50% of your geyser needs to generate some form of renewable energy.

You Care About the Environment

It seems that there’s only a handful of people in our country that care about the environment. If you’re one of them, you’ll know just how vital it is to reduce your carbon footprint to preserve our planet. A solar geyser is a step in the right direction!

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