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Are You Tired Of Spending Your Money On Expensive Electricity?

By December 22, 2020January 4th, 2021No Comments

The average salary in South Africa is around R20 000, according to thesouthafrican.com, but in truth, it’s much less. The minimum wage is R3500 per month. Even with a combined income, those figures don’t make any sense compared to the rest of the world. When you’re done paying for accommodation, transport, food, schooling and medical aid, you have nothing left. 

Let’s have a look at South Africa’s extravagant electricity prices. Depending on how much electricity you use, the lowest price is around R1,06 per unit. The more you use, however, the more expensive it gets. If you own a typical three-bedroom home in the suburbs, you can expect to pay R1500 to R2000 per month for electricity, potentially doubling in winter. Electricity prices can go up to R2.77 per unit. 

The fact of the matter is that we need to find alternative ways to generate electricity, or we’ll go bankrupt. And what better way than to utilise the elements of Mother Nature to do it.

Save More than 40% on Your Electricity Bill by Installing a Solar Geyser

That’s right. You could practically cut your monthly electricity bill in half by switching to a solar geyser. Who knew the solution could be so simple?

And solar geysers aren’t as expensive as you might imagine. You can start seeing a return on investment in about 24 months or less. With the way our service providers are always increasing the tariffs, it could be much faster.

Nupower Offers Affordable Solar Geyser Installations to South Africans

Finding a reliable solar geyser installer doesn’t have to be a struggle. Nupower offers high-quality and affordable solar geysers with a 10-year warranty on most systems. And with 11 years in the industry and over 16 000 systems installed, there isn’t a lack of experience. 

Make sure you get the best system available on the market and get in touch with the team at Nupower. Call us today!