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How Prepared Are You For Load Shedding In 2021?

By January 15, 2021January 27th, 2021No Comments

If you think we’ve seen the last of power outages in South Africa, you are mistaken! While there are talks of alternative energy solutions on the table — at least in the Western Cape — too many people are opposing competition in the energy sector, leaving one to wonder if it will ever happen. 

There are many ways to fight load shedding. People invest in gas appliances, generators, inverters and all kinds of other gadgets. The thing is, however, all these still cost money to operate. Gas appliances need gas and generators need fuel. And the moment load shedding occurs the demand for these increase along with the cost. 

Additionally, if the load shedding were to last weeks or even months on end, suppliers might run out of gas or fuel, putting you back at square one. None of these options are great for the environment either. 

Combat Load Shedding with Solar Power 

The best solution and also the only alternative energy option you should consider is solar power. Why? Because it won’t cost a cent to operate. 

As with all the other solutions, there is an installation cost initially. After these are covered, your electricity is free. As long as the sun is shining (and it always will in South Africa), you are good to go. Your solar panels can generate power even when it’s overcast. 

For longer periods without sun, there’s battery power. With solar, you will never have to depend on Eskom for power again. You won’t have to pay their inflated rates either. And the best part — solar power is completely environmentally friendly. 

Solar solutions have become more affordable in recent years, and the technology has improved tremendously. You’d be surprised at how easy and affordable it is to power an entire house. 

Get ready for whatever 2021 throws at you. From R100 000 you can take your home off the grid! For more information about solar power solutions, get in touch with the team at Nupower today!