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How to turn your home into a Green zone

By August 26, 2020No Comments

Would you like to save a small fortune on your water heating costs and at the same time join the rapidly growing movement towards helping to stabilise the damage we have done to our environment?

If your answer is yes, here are a few routes to take towards turning your home into a green zone.

Solar Water Heating Systems

This is the place to start for the highest return on investment, and there is no doubt that a traditional geyser uses more electricity than anything else! This is where solar geysers have come into their own. With ten year guarantees on most solar products from NuPower and a lifespan of over 20 years for the solar panels, surely it’s worth looking into with a team of experts?

NuPower Solar can retrofit your traditional geyser with a solar geyser, or geysers, the size of which is determined by the ratio of hot water generated by electricity on your property, residential, commercial or industrial. From here it goes to design, which is tailored by the team at NuPower Solar to deliver fully on your water heating requirements.

Internal Heating Systems

While gas heaters will save you money on heating, the production of gas still impacts the environment negatively, which makes infrared heaters the best option in terms of saving and looking after our environment while you warm up – once you have added an infrared heater into the mix with your solar water heating system, you will feel a lightening of the heavy financial load the high cost of Eskom electricity has on your pocket! Infrared heaters work as safely as anything that harnesses natural energy, except that they produce gentle heat that is generated by safe infrared waves.

Naturally, as our commitment to the safety of our environment and a sustainable future grows, so does the range of solar products available in South Africa, including the shape, size and form of heating.

Electricity Takes a Back Seat to Solar Energy

We live in a country that gives us an overload of sunshine, which begs the question: how close are you to grabbing your share of free sunshine hours, either to bring down your electricity bill or to move completely off-grid?

The cost of solar panels keep getting lower as technology advances and electricity becomes a luxury service! To make the change well worthwhile, NuPower Solar keeps an ear to the ground to pass on the best in solar products and technology to clients, and to make solar energy a truly affordable option as opposed to skyrocketing electricity tariffs!

NuPower Solar will tackle a retrofit or installation of solar panels and solar water heating systems with the same commitment to professionalism that has made NuPower the go-to team for solar solutions in South Africa, on large or small scale projects.

There are many other ways in which you can turn your home or office into a green zone from top to bottom, including thinking about the type of flooring to install, installing a solar geyser or heat pump and moving towards using gas stoves, among others.

We face unprecedented challenges brought about by a severely overtaxed environment, and, if you’re ready to play an important role in moving towards renewable energy solutions and sustainable practices in our daily lives for a safer future, let the team at NuPower Solar help you to design the right solar energy solution to turn your home or business into a beautifully green zone!