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Excellent Reasons To Invest In Innovative Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

By February 18, 2021February 22nd, 2021No Comments

NuPower Solar is a pioneer in the solar industry and is at the forefront of technology, offering the most comprehensive range of products available. Backed up by the highest standard of solar engineering and expertise, our experience has been proven in the field by the reputation we have earned through high customer satisfaction levels.

We rely on a system of using only accredited installers for all installations and maintenance, as well as offering superb after-sales service. NuPower Solar is a national company, able to provide solar installations throughout South Africa and we provide customised solutions for any application required.

With our cutting edge, innovative approach to solar energy, we continue to invest to a huge extent in research and development to keep ahead of the competition in our industry. Because solar energy is a renewable source that is particularly available in our sunny South African climate, NuPower’s Solar Hot Water Systems can use the sun to heat water extremely efficiently throughout the year, with a typical domestic solar hot water system able to provide all the hot water needs of the family comfortably.

Up to 60% of your electricity bill is attributed to water heating and your savings will be substantial once you have installed a NuPower Solar Hot Water Heating System and besides the immense cut in your electricity, you will be contributing towards a healthier environment.

If the rising cost of electricity is a concern to you, and you have thought about contributing towards a greener South Africa by reducing your carbon footprint, please contact our NuPower team, together we can make a difference not only to your budget but also join in partnership towards global energy savings. Get in touch for a free quote today!

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