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Looking for a Reliable Energy Source? Mother Nature Can Help

By September 22, 2020September 28th, 2020No Comments

Going back to my geography classes in school, I never realised just how amazing mother earth is. With the rising and the setting of the sun every day, the change of seasons, we take for granted what mother nature has to offer. We don’t even think twice about ruining it with fossil fuels.

But in recent years people have become more aware of the harm traditional electricity does, thus then the birth of solar power. Solar power is merely using what mother nature intended and offers freely – sunlight.

Did you know that by installing a solar geyser in your home, you can provide for 90% of your family’s hot water needs? Your geyser accounts for more than half of all your energy usage. Which means you’ll see a significant decrease in your monthly energy bill.

How Do Solar Geysers Work at Night or on Cloudy Days?

Any hot water collected throughout the day is stored inside the insulated geyser which is more than capable of keeping it hot overnight. During the winter when there are more overcast days, you will continue to have a hot water supply due to the solar heating collector absorbing heat from the sun’s radiation and not from the direct heat.

Should you experience overcast days a few days in a row, your solar geyser’s electrical back up will be activated to supply you with hot water. Alternatively, you can install a battery bank to store excess solar energy.

Solar energy isn’t only reliable, but it is cost-effective, clean and renewable. Don’t put your electricity supply in the hands of unreliable suppliers when you can use mother nature to generate your own. 

Speak to the team at Nupower and let them assist you with making the switch from electricity to solar the easy way.