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How to Lower Your Electricity Bill This Summer

By January 7, 2021January 27th, 2021No Comments

Summer is on its way, and South Africans are sighing a sigh of relief because the ridiculous winter electricity tariff increase has made them bankrupt.

Are you feeling the pressure of these tariff increases forced upon us? As if we’re not paying enough already, you get penalised for using more during a season where you’re bound to use more. It does not sound fair at all. But the truth is, we’re powerless (pun intended). Or are we?

More and more South Africans are becoming aware of the advantages of solar power. And why not, the sun is free, we have plenty of sunshine year-round, and the solution is there. The only thing that’s stopping us is the investment we need to make.

Investing in a solar system isn’t exactly cheap, but neither is electricity provided by our one and only supplier. And with the increases planned for the next few years, you’ll see a return on investment faster than you can ever imagine.

If you’re worried about the reliability of solar power, don’t be. We promise you it’s more reliable than your current supplier. All your solar panels need to start generating electricity is the sun, and we have plenty of that in South Africa.

Save Money on Your Electricity Bill with Solar Power

You can cut your electricity bill in half in the next month when you install a solar geyser. That’s 50% off your next electricity bill! And what you will gain is a steady flow of hot water that will satisfy all your household needs for years and years to come. You’ll never have to shower in cold water again because you forgot to turn on the geyser or because of a power outage.

Solar power is the way forward. It’s a clean energy source that’s reliable and good for the environment. Speak to the team at NuPower about the best solar solution for your home. Don’t wait, call us today!