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Everything You Need To Know About NuPower Evacuated Tube Split Systems

By August 12, 2020August 24th, 2020No Comments
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Solar water heating systems are no longer projects that are being put off or planned for the future, the excessive costs associated with electricity drawn from the grid is ripping holes into the economy and the pockets of all South Africans, turning ours into one of the top countries moving towards renewable energy more each day.

Heating water accounts for up to 60% of your electricity bill, 60% that can start being saved from the day you install your solar water heating system, to the years of free water heating costs once your system has paid for itself, which these days averages anywhere between 2-4 years, depending on the size of your installation.

Once you decide that you are ready to make renewable energy work for you, it’s important to ensure that you deal with a reputable solar company that has a stable background, and a great history of satisfied clients, in which case, NuPower Solar will be just the team for you!

A very important point is that you make sure about the certification the solar water heating system has. They have to have the SABS mark of approval, which is an assurance that you will be dealing with products that meet stringently high standards. NuPower Solar is very proud of their wide range of products that carry this stamp of approval, so much so that most of their products carry a ten-year warranty!

The team at NuPower Solar, from the salesperson you first meet right through to the engineers, all work for hand in glove to design and develop tailored, cost-effective solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, based on the individual power requirements of each client.

The flagship product at NuPower is their Evacuated Tube Split System, which, as a direct pumped system is aesthetically pleasing as it can be installed with the geyser inside the roof. The flexibility of this type of installation offers exceptional performance, so much so that both the solar geyser and collector carry a 10-year warranty.
Circulation in a NuPower Evacuated Tube Split System is controlled by a very advanced solar differential controller, one that also maintains control over the back-up element and other safety and temperature limit set-points.

These systems are available in 150L, 200L or 300L and 400L, which are made by combining the first two. These NuPower Evacuated Tube Split Systems come in configurations of either 230V or 12V for the pump and controller – if you’re in an area where power failures are pretty regular, the 12V system offers a battery back-up that keeps the circulation going during blackouts.

I know, this is seriously technical jargon for most of us, but then that is what the team of experts at NuPower is there for, to guide us through the various options for solar water heating systems, whether it is the Evacuated Tube System, Flat Plate Systems, Bulk Water Heating Systems, including pumps, and heat metering.

It is now common knowledge that solar panels are coming down in price even faster than the cost of electricity is escalating, and, considering that these solar panels, which are of the highest quality at NuPower of course, have a lifespan of up to twenty years, solar water heating systems are one of the best investments you could make for unbeatable returns!

Speak to NuPower about renewable energy systems of high quality at affordable prices, as a national company, there is a NuPower representative just around the corner from you to answer all your questions!