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Make A Difference In Your Life The Environment With Quality Solar Products

By August 14, 2020August 24th, 2020No Comments
NuPower making a difference

It’s a given that if you have installed over 16 500 solar systems over 12 years, you know your business inside out, which is exactly what you can expect when dealing with the team at NuPower Solar.

As a national solar company, NuPower Solar has changed the lives of clients throughout South Africa by offering renewable energy solutions that are made up of the very best in European solar products, as well as the 100% SABS Approved products developed by the NuPower team.

If all the technical stuff has you confused but you want to know more about what it will take to release as much as you can of the stranglehold that Eskom has on your budget, the team at NuPower Solar has the experience to guide you through all the options that will suit your energy requirements.

This is where meeting a NuPower Solar representative on site will lay the groundwork for finding the right solution to suit your needs, and to offer you a quote that will be affordable enough to meet with your budgetary constraints.

The facts are that due to the growth in solar technology, solar components are going to keep going down in price, while Eskom prices are going to keep going through the roof; if you are going to avoid a future where electricity becomes a luxury commodity that only the very wealthy can afford, the best option is to make the investment of a lifetime and move over to solar energy!

At the very least, you will have paid off your solar water heating system within a period of 2 – 4 years, depending on the size of the installation, after which, you will never have to pay to heat water again! What a great thought in the current economic situation, which doesn’t look good even in the short term right now, which makes long term prospects pretty scary!

Your NuPower Solar representative will work with you to analyse your energy requirements, and right then and there, hand you a quotation that will give you all the information you need to decide to harness the energy of the sun, especially in a sunny country like ours!

You will know what your water heating requirements are, whether for a small family or large residential buildings, hotels, hospitals and any other major hot water consumer, but it will be the knowledge, experience and professionalism of the team at NuPower Solar that will tailor the perfect solution for you or your business.

NuPower Solar Water Heating Systems, all of which are, as discussed earlier, 100% SABS Approved and come with a 10-year warranty, consist of three main solar water heating systems, namely Vacuum Tube Systems, Flat Plate Systems and Bulk Solar Water Heating systems that include Heat Pumps.

The NuPower Solar Heat Meter acts like an electricity meter that it measures the amount of energy that has gone into heating the water flowing through it, offering bulk hot water users a system that helps them to accurately bill individual users according to their hot water usage in kWh.

If you are a bulk hot water user, an energy consultation with the team at NuPower Solar will take you through all the steps necessary to find out how your electricity bill is made up, when and where energy is consumed, and, from there to give you the guidance to make an informed decision about your next step!

If you have already determined just how much heating water is costing you, and how much of your electricity bill is due to this, then it’s time to test the water and speak to a NuPower expert about the best renewable energy solution to invest in.

Please make sure to visit the products page on the NuPower Solar website to get an idea of the PV systems available to suit various applications, as this is going to have a major impact on how you go about choosing between off-grid systems, grid-tied systems (which require no batteries) and back-up power solutions for when the grid goes down!