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Get Your High Quality Solar Systems From Nupower

By July 15, 2020August 2nd, 2020No Comments

Many years worth of experience, research and development in the field of solar energy by a team of dedicated solar engineering experts has resulted in an exceptionally high-quality range of solar water heating systems and PV systems that proudly carry the hallmark of excellence that has made NuPower Solar an unrivalled market leader in the solar industry.

Cost-effective and efficient solar water heating systems developed by NuPower Solar, bearing the SABS stamp of approval, and in most cases, carrying a 10-year warranty, are proof of the confidence that the team at NuPower have in the quality of their solar products.

Solar energy solutions designed for use in applications that vary from residential use, production facilities, commercial property developments, hospitals, hotels and shopping centres, among others, is confirmation that no project is too big or small for NuPower to tackle with confidence and expertise.

NuPower Solar offers energy consultations that apply to larger energy users to ascertain how their electricity bill is made up and to determine when and where the energy is consumed. This collection of data assists the NuPower team to advise customers about the most suitable energy options available to them, empowering customers to make informed decisions regarding any energy improvements and renewable energy supply plans they may have.

Award-winning European quality products such as Victron Energy components are used in the design and installation of NuPower PV systems such as off-grid PV systems, grid-tied PV systems and back-up power solutions, once again reflecting NuPower’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of solar technology to offer customers affordable solutions and service excellence that has remained unbeatable for 12 years thus far!

An extensive network of dealerships spread throughout South Africa affords NuPower Solar the ability to offer their solar solutions, products and installations nationwide, this is also one of the few solar companies in the country that has a dedicated 24-hour emergency number available to offer outstanding support to clients.

For cost-effective, tailor-made solar solutions using high-quality products, an expert level of workmanship and superb after-sales service sounds good to you, please visit the NuPower Solar website or contact the friendly team for further information before you go anywhere else!

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