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Solar Water Heating
PV Systems

Solar Water Heating Systems

  • Vacuum Tube Systems
    • An evacuated tube system uses the latest state of the art solar collector technology, for superior performance even in adverse weather conditions)
  • Flat Plate Systems
    • A Flat plate system utilizes tried and tested heat collection technology, and offers excellent performance at affordable prices
  • Bulk water heating systems including Heat Pumps
    • Bulk hot water systems for hotels, hospitals or large residential buildings usually require vast amounts of power. By heating this with solar the need for electricity can be greatly reduced, and substantial savings are made
  • Heat Metering
    • A heat meter is like an electrical meter, but it measures the amount of energy that went into heating the water that flows through it. It offers the owners of bulk hot water system a method to accurately bill each user for his or her usage, in kwh

NuPower LITE System

PV Systems (Victron Energy)

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  • Off-Grid Systems 
    • Off-grid PV systems is used to replace Eskom, or used in areas where there are no access to the grid. Off-grid systems can be sized from a few hundred watts to several hundreds of kilowatts in size. NuPower only use the latest European technology, which offers superior efficiency and very long life expectancies.
  • Grid tied Systems
    • Grid tied systems are perfect for commercial, industrial or even large residential use. Because there are no batteries, the most efficient use is for applications of which the highest energy use is during sunshine hours.
  • Back-up Power Solutions
    • Back-up power solutions charges batteries from Eskom, which is then used to supply the connected load when the power goes out. Once the power comes back on, it recharges the battery bank within a few hours.

Energy Consultation

Applicable to larger users, it is essential to know how your electricity bill is made up, and to understand where the energy is consumed and when. Once this data is available, informed decisions can be made with regards to energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy supply