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Reap the Financial Benefits When Installing a Solar Geyser

By November 4, 2020December 2nd, 2020No Comments

Summer is here in full fling, and if you have a solar geyser you’re enjoying the fact that you can turn your power switch off and have hot water at your disposal all the time!

Solar geysers are great! And they make a significant difference in your monthly electricity bill. Did you know that by installing a solar geyser you can cut your electricity costs in half every month? Think we’re exaggerating? We’re not, promise! There are thousands of happy clients who can confirm this truth.

Do Solar Geysers Only Heat Water in Summer?

The short answer is NO. As long as the sun is shining, your solar geyser panels will convert the rays of the sun into energy which will heat your water. The effectiveness of solar geysers will depend on your location. Western Cape typically receives rain in winter, which means there are a lot more overcast days. In Gauteng and other provinces, rainfall happens mostly in summer. But all in all, South Africa is very sunny, making it the perfect place for solar power solutions.

What Can You Expect from the Solar Geyser Systems Offered by Nupower?

Our solar geysers are some of the most cost-effective products available on the market right now. They use high-efficiency vacuum tube collectors in a direct configuration. With a 5-year warranty and being SABS approved, you won’t be disappointed in your 150L locally manufactured solar geyser.

Nupower has installed thousands of solar geysers and other solar products over the past decade and have the satisfied customers to prove it. We offer our services and products to the commercial, industrial and private sectors.

No need to pay more for hot water than you need to. Solar energy is free! Get in touch with the team at Nupower for a free consultation and quote today!