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This Is How You Can Keep Your Solar Panels in Excellent Shape

By November 13, 2020December 2nd, 2020No Comments

One of the questions people ask before investing in solar panels is whether they need a lot of maintenance. And it’s expected given that the last thing you want to worry about is constantly climbing on the roof to maintain your solar panels.

As you already know, solar panels convert sunlight into electricity which means the cleaner your panels, the more effectively they will generate energy. Solar panels still work in low sunlight situations, but if they are covered in dirt, they will, no doubt, be less efficient. The loss isn’t significant. You can expect less than 5 per cent. But long-term buildup is found to reduce energy production by nearly 20 per cent.

How to Clean Solar Panels

Seasonal rain typically washes off most of the dirt or bird droppings that accumulate over time. But if you live in an area with little rain and a windy climate, you might need to clean your solar panels occasionally. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

Cleaning solar panels is simple and straightforward. Nupower recommends using a soft-bristle brush with an extended handle to clean them. If panels are hard to reach, we suggest you invest in a high-pressure hose nozzle and a soap holding attachment.

Things to Keep in Mind When DIYing Your Solar Panel Cleaning 

  1. Try to stay on the ground, but if you have to get up on the roof, use a stable ladder and proper fall-protection equipment.
  2. Avoid the use of borehole water since it can damage panels over time.
  3. Turn off your solar system before you start cleaning. If you’re unsure, speak to Nupower for help.
  4.  Only use soft brushes or sponges.
  5. It is best to clean in the evening or early in the morning when the panels aren’t hot.
  6. Don’t get too close to the panels when using a high-pressure water nozzle.

Now that you know that solar panels do not entail a lot of maintenance, get in touch with Nupower to see how much money solar panels might save you every month.