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Switching to Solar: How to Get Started

By December 1, 2020December 11th, 2020No Comments

If you have already decided to switch from conventional electricity to solar energy, we do not have to tell you about all the benefits of solar. You probably already know how solar power will change your life and your finances for the better.

But, you might be wondering how to get started. Which solar PV system will work for your home and what is the best solar geyser on the market. There are a lot of products available right now, which can be a little overwhelming. But the fact is, you will want to invest in a quality system that will last you a long time to get the largest return on investment.

Get off the Grid Step-by-Step with NuPower

Solar Geysers

NuPower offers high-quality water heating systems to ensure that you have more than enough hot water every day. We provide our customers with various types of solar water heating systems and will advise you on the right one for your unique needs. Our solar water heaters come in different sizes to ensure a steady flow of hot water no matter the size of your family.

Solar water heating systems can easily shave 60% of your monthly electricity bill and should be the first step in any household switching to solar.

PV Systems

If getting completely off the grid is your aim, NuPower can offer high-quality PV systems to suit the exact needs of your home or business. And to ensure that your system has a generous lifespan, you can opt for a maintenance contract that includes 24-hour technical support as well as regular cleaning and maintenance.

NuPower is passionate about supplying our customers with the best alternative renewable energy resources on the market. We take great pride in our solar solutions! With more than a decade of experience and thousands of installations under our belt, you can be confident that you will receive value for money when you hire NuPower for your solar installation.

For more information or to book a free consultation, speak to the friendly team at NuPower today!