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What You Need To Know Before Installing Solar Power At Your Home

By September 7, 2020September 28th, 2020No Comments

With the ever-increasing cost of living, families are doing everything they can to save money. Owning a property doesn’t come cheap. From maintenance to rates and taxes and the cost of water and electricity, your list of expenses is ever increasing.

One way in which many families are reducing their expenses is through the installation of solar power and solar heating. If you’re considering installing this in your home, herewith are some of the factors to take into consideration:

Will Your Roof Be Able to Support the Solar Panel?

If your home isn’t part of a new development, before getting solar power installed, you should get a professional company to assess the state of your roof to check if it would be able to hold the weight of the panels.

Does Your Property Get Sufficient Sunlight?

As part of your assessment to check if your roof can hold your solar panels, you’ll need to check if there’s enough sunlight coming in on the area where you’re looking to install the panels. One factor contributing to this is the height of the trees within the property. A simple solution to generate more sunlight is through the trimming down of your trees.

Do the Calculations to See How Much Money You Can Save

Analyze to see how much value the solar power will add to your property. Calculate your daily power consumption and have that ready for when you get a professional company to assess your property. Of course, for many, this is a costly investment, but it will pay for itself if you do make use of a substantial amount of power.

Call Nupower Today to Request A Home Assessment

If you want to install solar power or a solar water system into your home and believe you meet the requirements above, contact Nupower Today. The team can assist you by completing a home assessment to tell you if you qualify for the setup or not.