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This Is Why You Should Hire an Expert for Your Solar Installation

By January 26, 2021No Comments
10kVA System

Summer is here in all its glory, and if you have a solar geyser, you’re enjoying the benefit of having hot water throughout the day without having to switch on your geyser for the next few months. 

Solar geysers are fantastic and can make such a difference in your electricity bill every month. We’re talking significant savings — 50% off your electricity bill! We’re not even exaggerating! We have tons of satisfied clients who can confirm that this is true. 

If you’re worried that solar geysers will only work in summer, don’t. You will have hot water as long as the sun is shining. Even if it’s overcast, the rays of the sun will still be able to reach your solar panels and heat your water. The only time solar might pose a challenge is when it’s overcast and rainy for extended periods. Lucky for us, South Africa is one of the sunniest countries in the world, making it the perfect location for solar power.

Choose Nupower for your solar geyser installation in 2021

Cost-Effective High-Quality Solar Solutions

If you are looking for great solar geyser prices, we can help. The solar geysers on offer are some of the most affordable available on the market right now. We believe that every person should have the opportunity to invest in solar power, which is why we keep our prices competitive.

Guarantee on All Products

All our products are SABS approved and come with a 5-year warranty. We promise you won’t be disappointed in your locally manufactured 150L solar geyser.

Extensive Industry Experience

As a leader in our industry, we’ve installed thousands of solar geysers as well as related solar solutions over the last twelve years. We have a long list of happy customers to show for it. 

The electricity prices in South Africa are rediculous. Lower your electricity bill with a solar geyser and get in touch with NuPower today.