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What Can We Expect From Solar Energy In The Future?

By September 1, 2020September 28th, 2020No Comments

The trend in the use of solar power energy has been at the top of the sustainable energy scene as it continues to spread across the developing landscape of solar power in South Africa and across the world. Solar energy is used for providing a sustainable, renewable, and environmentally-friendly energy source of energy for different applications, residential and commercial.

It’s no wonder that the numbers of households that use solar energy continue to increase, but the question is – what next? In this article, we’ll tackle several things to expect related to the use of solar energy in the future.

Solar Energy Today

For some time, the use of the innovative and emission-free solar energy has grown and it is now common to see houses with solar panels installed on rooftops or even the establishment of larger solar farms. As the technology continues to advance, the solar panel has become widely available on the market to clean energy enthusiasts, with a continued reduction in solar panel costs making an investment in solar panels affordable. The use of this innovative energy source can reduce the electricity bill of any household and provide hot water even during the winter season thanks to solar water heating systems and a very sunny country!

According to statistics, the solar energy industry became a major player in the US economy with the rapid growth of solar unit installations during the last few decades, which is pretty much on par with the movement towards renewable energy in South Africa. 

Since 2010 – 2015, solar energy businesses have contributed to a doubled employment rate. Additionally, in the last 10 years, the prices have dropped over 60% primarily because of the growth of competition in the solar industry, as well as the continuous development of new solar technology.

What Is Next for Solar Energy?

The aforementioned statistical data can predict the future of solar energy, and the rise in its use, making this the ideal solution for a safer environment through renewable energy. New technological breakthroughs are being introduced every day. And it can be expected that these breakthroughs will continue, making solar energy more efficient, simpler to produce, the components will cost less in the face of material improvements, proper usage, and techniques of light concentration, as product optimization continues to emerge and innovate.

Ready to Climb on the Solar Energy Bandwagon?

When it comes to solar energy, two principles, innovation and economization, are important. As the installation of solar panels became cheaper for both businesses like solar heat pumps in Pretoria, and residential properties, more and more people are noticing the beneficial effects on the environment and the long-term potential of solar energy usage. This could be good news for both contractors establishing solar farms, as well as for homeowners, all of which will play an important role in decreasing the use of non-renewable energy sources and fossil fuels for a sustainable future.

With all the facts and data on hand these days, the number of people who have invested in solar energy continues to increase. This is mainly because of its beneficial impact on reducing our dependence on expensive electricity, with products produced by NuPower Solar and Victron Solar Products to fit energy requirements on all levels; from quality to affordability.

If you are planning to install solar panels on your property, always make sure that you reach out to the professionals at NuPower Solar who have a wealth of knowledge, experience, resources and tools to share with you to make renewable energy work for you. Call us today!