What Is The Best Way To Store Solar Energy?

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3kVA PV System Batteries

Solar power is an excellent alternative to generating free and clean energy from the sun. It is also the reason why solar panel usage has increased significantly in recent years and will continue to do so. 

Since solar power is generated through the sun’s UV rays, solar panel owners might experience a lower output when faced with extended periods of overcast conditions. The best way to store solar energy for use when the sun doesn’t shine or in the event of a power outage is by installing some type of reserve like solar batteries. 

Easily Store Solar Energy with Lithium Solar Batteries 

Many years ago, lead-acid batteries were the perfect solution for energy storage, but when lithium solar batteries came on to the scene, things changed. Lithium solar batteries were introduced in the ’70s, but it did take some time to gain popularity. As soon as people realised how little lithium solar batteries weighed in comparison to lead-acid batteries, they were sold on the idea.  

Lithium is a light metal with fantastic electrochemical potential. IT suggests that lithium solar batteries will give you the most energy density per kilogram. They are considerably lighter and more efficient than lead-acid batteries making them convenient and easy to use.  

Another benefit is that lithium solar batteries have a much higher life cycle than their counterparts when it comes to discharging applications. It means you can charge and discharge lithium batteries for a higher number of cycles. After charging and discharging lithium batteries thousands of times, it continues to be functional. You won’t have to replace them nearly as quickly as you would lead-acid batteries. 

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