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Why Solar Power Is The Best Alternative Energy Solution In 2021

By January 25, 2021January 27th, 2021No Comments

Let’s face it. We’ve become so accustomed to using electricity in our daily lives that it would be challenging to live without it. Most things we own need a power source for it to work. And as South Africans, that’s a problem since our energy source isn’t exactly reliable.

More people are starting to look at alternative solutions, and solar power or gas comes to mind. Gas is an excellent option, except that it will keep costing you money every time you use gas appliances. It’s also not very environmentally friendly, and there are many risks associated with gas use.

Solar power, on the other hand, is an even better alternative. The only negative is the fact that it requires an investment. The good news is that a solar solution from Nupower can be paid off within 5 to 7 years max whereafter you’ll have decades of free solar power guaranteed.

Are you worried that solar power won’t be worthwhile? We live in one of the sunniest places globally, making solar one of the most reliable energy sources. And on the odd week without sunshine, your solar battery bank will carry you through. Solar batteries enable you to store unused solar power for use when it’s overcast and rainy for a few days in a row.

If you are not sold on solar power just yet, why not start with a solar water heater and work your way up when you’re ready? Solar water heaters can cut your electricity bill in half right off the bat. You’ll always have hot water no matter if there’s load shedding or not.

Are you sick of dealing with power outages at the most inconvenient times? Then it’s time to switch to solar. Book a free consultation with one of the Nupower team members by giving us a call today!