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Why Spring Is An Excellent Time To Invest In A Solar Geyser

By August 29, 2019September 26th, 2019No Comments

Yesterday was the first day of Spring and the cold is quickly coming to an end. Many South Africans a giving a sigh of relief because keeping warm in winter is no joke with our insanely high electricity tariffs. While they aren’t exactly the highest in the world, when compared to the average salary and minimum wage rate in SA, it’s clear that we’re paying way too much.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do about it, except for finding an alternative energy solution. A few years ago the solution would have been gas because solar power was more on the expensive side. But, these days, investing in a solar energy solution is much more affordable. Especially when it comes to solar water heating systems.

Most solar geysers last up to 15 years. Some even longer. On average you’ll start seeing a return on investment after 2 years, if not sooner since the electricity is set to increase multiple times in the next few years.

Solar geysers are notorious for cutting your monthly electricity bill in half. That’s right, your geyser is using half of your electricity each month to ensure you have hot water. Such a waste if you think about it. A solar geyser could do that for you for free!

As you can see, you’ll benefit tremendously from installing a solar geyser. Especially, now since the sun will stay up for longer periods of time. Just to be clear, solar power is as effective in winter. All you need is sunshine, it doesn’t have to be hot. The opportunity for solar energy is simply extended with longer days and shorter nights during Spring and Summer.

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