Why Using a Solar Water Heater Can Save Electricity?

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Solar water heaters, commonly known as solar geysers, are designed to provide you with hot water using energy from the sun instead of electricity from the grid.

This may seem like a simple sentence, however, what it says, in effect, is that if you’re using a solar water heater you no longer have to rely on an unstable grid that leaves you with no hot water when you least expect it!

If you’re feeling the financial crunch that comes each month with your electricity bill, then perhaps you’re ready to consider moving to a solar water heater, which means you have one question in mind; why using a solar water heater can save electricity?

The why is attached to the how, which means knowing a little more about how solar water heating systems work, just to give you peace of mind for when you’re ready to commit your budget to this investment of a lifetime!

Why using a solar water heater can save electricity?

Living in South Africa gives you every reason to move to solar power, and if you’re not ready to go all the way with a Hybrid PV solar system, Grid Tied PV solar system or Off Grid PV solar system, then a solar water heating system is the perfect first step to freedom from high electricity tariffs.

Heating water adds up to a large chunk of your electricity bill, in fact, by changing to a solar water heater, you can easily save anywhere from 40% to 60% on your bill. 

It’s essential to have a team like NuPower Solar on your side as you decide on the system you need, because with many years of experience in the solar industry on their side, they’ll make sure that you invest in a highly efficient solar water heater to make the most of your investment!

How does a solar water heating system work?

A solar water heating system is simplicity itself in terms of moving parts, made up of a solar geyser and a solar panel. Naturally, your geyser capacity will be determined by how many people you have in your household, but NuPower Solar will assist you in finding the finest solution to meet all your hot water requirements.

The solar collector does the job of harvesting the energy from the sun and then converting it into hot water, and at NuPower Solar you’ll have the choice of 2 technologies, namely Evacuated Tubes and Flat Plate Collectors.

What is an Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heating System?

Quite simply, each tube in the solar collector has a vacuum around it, which offers excellent insulation from cold weather, allowing for superior heat retention, making it one of the best choices you can make in terms of solar water heating efficiency.

A NuPower Evacuated Tube solar water heating system is state of the art technology, which means that it’ll cost you a bit more than a Flat Plate System will.

What is a Flat Plate Solar Water Heating System?

Again, at its most basic, as sunlight passes through the glazing of the collector and hits the absorber plate, it heats up and changes solar energy directly into heat energy. There are copper rods in the flat plate with coated aluminium fins, which collect sunlight and then transfers that heat into copper rods that are filled with water.

Considered one of the most rugged solar water heating systems in the NuPower Range of solar water heaters, the flat plate system offers great performance at more affordable prices.

Make your move to solar hot water with NuPower Solar!

To find out more about why using a solar water heater will definitely save electricity and set you free from high electricity tariffs, contact the friendly team at NuPower Solar.

NuPower Solar water heaters are competitively priced for nothing less than SABS-approved quality, designed for South Africa by South Africans!