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This Is Why You Should Switch to Solar Power in 2021

By November 2, 2020December 2nd, 2020No Comments

Electric energy is a crucial part of our lives these days. We need it to power our ovens to cook, our computers to work, our smartphones to communicate and our televisions to relax. And because we no longer like to take a cold bath or leave our hair to dry by itself, we need the energy to power those appliances too.

Coal-fired Electricity

Generating electricity by burning coal has been the preferred method for many decades. But it’s also the least eco-friendly option due to the level of greenhouse gas emissions.

Here’s how it works: Thermal coal is ground into a fine powder. This powder is then burnt to heat water which will convert it into steam. Directed onto the turbine blades, the steam makes it spin. And it is this motion that in turn spins the magnetic rotor inside the coil that finally generates our electricity.

The problem we currently have is that our electricity supply is limited due to power stations not working due to a lack of maintenance. Regular maintenance is crucial to keep these power stations running smoothly which is why we now have something called load shedding. Also, this unreliable energy source is managed by our government and since they are the only supplier, they can charge us whatever they want.

Solar Power

While solar energy was invented in 1839, it wasn’t until the 1950’s that we decided to power satellites in outer space. From there on it advanced into what we know and use today. It’s no secret that solar power is the cleanest form of renewable energy.

Here’s how it works: PV panels (photovoltaic panels) is used to convert the rays of the sun into electricity. This is achieved when electrons are moved into silicon cells using the photons of light whenever the sun is shining.

Solar power can be used to power your entire home or business or even just a part of it. It’s the most reliable source of energy available today thanks to solar battery banks. That’s right, you can store solar energy for use at night or when it’s overcast for a few days in a row.

It’s clear why solar power is the best option for generating energy for your home. It’s reliable and free! For more information on switching from coal-fired electricity to solar power, speak to Nupower today!