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Win the Fight Against Load Shedding by Going Solar in 2021

By November 24, 2020December 2nd, 2020No Comments

Whether you live in a glamourous multi-million Rand home or a middle-class home in South Africa, you’ve probably had to deal with load shedding at one stage in the past few years. And while the lines are a bit blurred when it comes to the actual reason behind load shedding, the reality is that it’s something that’s here to stay.

Eskom recently reintroduced load shedding, and it seems like 2021 will be a year filled with inconvenient power outages. These power cuts aren’t just untimely, but they also cost you money. Think about it, every time your power is out during meal times, it means you have to spend money on takeaways. And even worse than that, Eskom keeps raising the tariffs. Unless, of course, you find an alternative energy source to power your home or business.

Alternative solutions typically include solar or gas. And while both options are viable, gas isn’t as safe as solar, and you still need to purchase gas regularly. Solar, on the other hand, will pay for itself in a few years followed by zero capital output to keep it in working condition.

Did you know that you can power your entire home with solar energy? A solar geyser installation will immediately cut your utility bill in half. And you’ll never have to take a cold shower ever again!

If you’re worried that your solar panels or geyser won’t work if it’s overcast, we’re here to put you at ease. While solar needs the sun to work, you can install solar batteries to store excess energy for future use. That’s right! Your home can run off the grid completely if you want it to!

Take action against load shedding by investing in solar power for your home or business today! For more information, get in touch with the team at Nupower today!