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3 Important Questions To Ask Before Switching To Solar

By February 4, 2021February 22nd, 2021No Comments

While solar panels are no longer just for high-tech futurists, installing them in your home or business is still a huge step. There are many things to consider before you make the switch. 

The solar energy experts at Nupower are available to assist with any questions you might have. So if you’re ready, book a consultation (after the lockdown), and we’ll do a free evaluation of your home or business. 

Below are some of the most common questions we get asked daily.

Is My Roof Strong Enough to Support Solar Panels?

An old or damaged roof in need of repair or replacement will need some TLC before installing solar panels. Your roof needs to be structurally sound enough to hold the weight of your solar panels. To determine whether the roof is strong enough or if it will need added support, it’s essential to let a solar expert evaluate your roof. 

Is My Roof the Right Type and Shape?

Roofs come in various shapes and sizes — pitched, curved, flat and more. Each roof type will need to be evaluated to ensure adequate space to support solar panels. Furthermore, every roof will have varying pitch degrees which will influence the solar panel’s sun exposure and thus, your energy output.

Is My Home Efficient Enough?

In addition to the condition and type/shape of your roof, you will also need to consider how energy efficient your home is. If you have insufficient insulation or an older HVAC, it might be wise (and more cost-effective) to improve your homes energy efficiency before installing solar panels. An energy-efficient home will require a smaller solar system which will safe you money in the long run. 

If you have any other questions about solar power, speak to a solar expert at Nupower to book a free evaluation. We will do our best to find the perfect solar solution to accommodate your energy needs and maximise your overall savings. Give us a call today!