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3 Excellent Reasons to Switch to Solar Power in 2021

By February 1, 2021February 19th, 2021No Comments

It is no secret; solar power is the future. It provides us with an eco-friendly method of generating electricity. You can use the sun’s energy to power your home or business without adding to the already prevalent air pollution. With a lifespan of 40+ years, you can recycle solar panels once they reach the end of their usable life. So if you have been thinking about switching to solar, here are three compelling reasons to finalise your decision now.

Reliability and Self-Sufficiency

Solar power helps to alleviate your reliance on grid electricity. No longer do you have to depend on our unreliable energy company for your electricity needs. When combined with a high capacity battery, a home solar panel can provide you with a dependable energy source and the ability to store excess energy for use during overcast days. Your household can be more self-sufficient with a quality solar installation from Nupower.

Compensate for Higher Electricity Usage

The number of telecommuting employees has grown significantly in recent years, and even more so in recent months with the COVID-19 pandemic. Since more people are working from home, electricity usage will increase for many households. Adding that to the 15% tariff increase planned for April, and the increased rates during winter months, who knows where our energy bills will end up. You can help offset increased electricity costs from working remotely by adding solar panels to your home.

Potentially Limited Supply and Higher Costs

Many solar panel components are manufactured in countries that have been disrupted by COVID-19. These disruptions might cause price increases in solar panels and related equipment due to limited availability. Protect yourself from solar panel shortages and higher prices in future, and go solar now! 

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